How to get admission in engineering colleges/universities in Pakistan?

Ok, so now that you have cleared your Intermediate you may be looking to get an admission in one of your desired engineering university in Pakistan, and it would be no surprise if your choices include National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI), Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Nadir Edulgee Dinshaw (University of engineering and Technology, Karachi (NED) and University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (UET). With these four institutes as your goal to achieve what really should you do in order to enjoy and study the field you desire?

Most of the entry tests for these universities are held in the summers right after your intermediate. With an exception of NUST’s NET (NUST Entry Test) which is conducted in three phases, starting from December and ending in July, and the score which is the best out of the three tests is considered your final score. So, to clear these tests and getting an admission what should be the approach of any candidate?

First of all, complete your homework, and take all information about courses, faculties, rankings, and alumni of these institutions. After getting this information, also read about their campus life because that’s the most important thing in your university’s life. Since in university, you are not merely concerned with bookish learning, but become a part of a large fraternity, and social context.

Secondly, look for academies that help you prepare for these admission tests. Because if you are really thinking about preparing yourself without joining any academy, think again. As it’s not just you or your class fellows from your previous college competing with each other, you have to compete the cream of Pakistan to grab your desire seat .You can prepare yourself for all the admission tests, like ECAT (Engineering College Admission Test) applicable for almost all the engineering universities of Pakistan or FUNG (Preparation scheme for FAST, UET, NUST, and GIKI).

Thirdly, keep an eye on the deadlines of the entry test registrations and the dates of the test. Make a timetable or a schedule in which you may have marked the days according to your own ease to revise your course. As I said, the Cream is competing so you have got to prepare accordingly.

Last but not the least, attend the classes of these academies, daily tests, and the mock tests properly .Usually students get annoyed by attempting the daily tests or revising and don’t attempt it properly. But believe me these tests help a lot, you get to know where you stand, and you know the weak areas you have and where you have to focus more.

So that’s it. Seek admission in a good Pakistani curriculum school so that you are well aware of the standards from the beginning. See you soon, fellow engineers.

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